The training team of Henkel and Welbound for PUR adoption technology reached Gujarat, with recent stops at Repro India in Surat and Printwell Offset in Ahmedabad.

Repro India, one of the top book print exporters from India has an SEZ unit in Surat which does most of its export work. It had installed an inline perfect binding solution with the PUR option for a number of jobs which it did for Cambridge University Press and for book exports to African market.

Santanu Roy Repro India Ltd Surat with WB 36000

Santanu Roy, Repro India Ltd, Surat with WB 36000

PUR technology becomes important for the export work at Repro India because of the demands of the foreign market. The African market for text books is dominated by book printers from India. Similar to the educational publishers in India, the publishers of these books insist on thread sewing before drawing the cover using an adhesive binder. Thread sewing is a major bottle neck when it comes to delivering huge quantities of text books in a short period. Some of the African countries are now moving towards preferring PUR bound books in lieu of the thread sewn-cover pasted model. The best example is a recent tender for textbooks from Malawi.

Santanu Roy, general manager for operations at the Surat unit is quite upbeat about PUR. "Internationally, the publishers are increasingly demanding books done with PUR binding. It is an added advantage for us as the workflow becomes seamless and the perfect binder is not kept waiting for the book blocks to arrive from the sewing machines.”

Talking about the finishing aspect of PUR binding Roy added: “The page pull strength of PUR is far superior than thread sewn books. When it comes to exports, we need not worry if the consignment is going to a cold country or a very hot one. Once we inspect the books at our facility, there is no way that the binding can fail at any later stage."

Like every new technology that needs the know-how of its basics, it was necessary that the Machine crew at Repro India knew the intricacies of PUR technology for comfortable handling and better output.  Roy felt that adopting PUR technology is a learning curve and “this is where PUR promoters and partners like Henkel and Welbound add value. The Henkel-Welbound team has trained our shopfloor team with the basics of handling PUR adhesive right from operating conditions tomachine settings, cleaning and maintenance of equipment. They have provided our machine crew with necessary technical data like ideal application temperature, hose temperature, adhesive thickness and roller settings.”

Henkel also provided the information on the important safety norms along with the necessary kit. 

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