Repro India Ltd is India's largest producer of education books. In addition to the large market in India, they also export to 14 African countries, EU and the US. They provide the complete range of book-print solutions be it digital, sheet fed or web. They have two integrated book plants - one at Navi Mumbai and the other at Surat SEZ

Santanu Roy Repro India Ltd Surat with WB 36000

 Sanjay Roy, Repro India Ltd with WB3600

Both plants have a number of machines from Welbound, India's largest supplier of bookbinding machines and services.  They have a WB 3600 - 12 clamp perfect binder installed in the Surat plant. This is in addition to a 7000 bph bookbinding line from Europe. Welbound has supplied the complete offline solution - including the gatherer, perfect binder and Trident 3 knife trimmer.

Repro's Navi Mumbai has a battery of WB 2000 - 6 clamp perfect binders, in addition to Pickwel gatherer.

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