Rahul Print-o-pack, New Delhi is a leading vendor for the publishing leader - Pearson Education. RPP has been been working with Pearson, since the time the latter entered the Indian market.Initially, Rahul outsourced the printing and binding to units in Okhla Ind area in New Delhi. Even today, the print is outsourced - but the books are bound in his own unit. This began with an investment in a Welbound Blue Chip single clamp perfectbinder, 3 years back. RPP had to continue outsourcing as the demand-peaks could not be met with a single clamp binder.

In 2009, they made the decision to invest in a 6 clamp binder from Welbound

Today, Rahul Soni acknowledges that this has helped them meet the demand as well as clock good growth rates during the year. They use Henkel's Technomelt 299 grade adhesive to bind the Pearson jobs. "Only 299 provides the strength and layer build up for Pearsons' books" says Rahul Soni.

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