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Welbound is synonymous with adhesive binding in India. The group manufactures various machines that complete the post-press cycle from paper folding machines to three knife trimmers. Together with its partners the group delivers technology that converts the printed information into a well bound book.

Majority of books made in India has been touched by Welbound - be it in terms of the folding, gathering, hot melt glue binding or trimming.

India has a population of 250 million that goes to school. Welbound has partnered with publishers, printers, bookbinders and exercise notebook manufacturers to deliver better bound books.


WB HC 500 AR

HC 500 AR

Welbound HC 500 AR is the fastest, fully automatic random case sealer employing hotmelt glue for sealing shipper cartons. Boxes of different sizes, coming in from multiple production lines are  channelized in to the HC 500 AR case sealer, thereby saving space, investrnent and labour. The machine will measure the case dimensions and adjust the settings automatically. Based on the programs that can be stored, even the gluing pattern is picked based on the box specifications including the weight.


Salient Features

  • Fully automatic with no manual intervention
  • Built as per international safety standards
  • PLC based with facility for storing of programs including size and weight
  • Automatic centralizing system; measuring all dimensions prior to entry of box in the machine
  • Height and width adjustments through pneumatics; rugged and easy to maintain
  • Product counter and totalizer with password access
  • Jam detection
  • Can also be programmed to run in preset mode with higher speeds
  • Optional barcode reading system for make ready

Technical Data

Max size 650(L) x 500(W) x 500(H) mm
Min size 200(L) x 200(W) x 200(H) mm